quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Possessive Adjective Exercises

Então, vamos aos exercícios! Você pode imprimir ou copiar no Word para fazê-los e conferir aqui seus acertos.
  • Ex.: The dog eats its (it) food.
  • Where is _____________________(I) book?
  • Peter is ____________________ (we) teacher.
  • She goes to school with __________________ (she) brother.
  • ____________________(they) father works in a car factory.
  • ____________________(he) laptop is very expensive.
  • ___________________(I) husband and I want to go to Paris.
  • We want to see _________________(it) historical monuments.
  • Leila likes __________________(you) dog! Do you want to sell it?
  • _____________________(he) name is Bob.
  • (Two students) don’t want to do _______________ homework.
  • (I) have a car. ____________ color is black.
  • We have a (dog) and ______________ name is Pancho.
  • (Nancy) is from England and ______________ husband is from Sweden.
  • (Fred and Nadia) go to school with _________________ little son every day.
  • (Mr. Blork) has a van. _____________ van is very old.
  • (Louis) goes to a good high school. _______________ high school is fantastic!
  • (I) like singing. ____________ mother sings with me.
  • (François and Alan) are Frenchmen. _________________ family is from France.
  • (Mary) loves ________________ grandmother.
  • Where are (Peter´s friends) from? Are ______________ friends from Canada?
  • (Peggy) sent us a postcard from _______________ trip to Austria.
  • (She) lives in Australia with ________________ cousin.
  • (Ralph’s wife) works with _______________ brother in a bakery downtown.
  • (Mike) goes to _______________ English classes in the morning.
  • (Sally and Susan) love __________ daughters and go to the park on weekend together.
  • (This) is a great school and ______________ courses are very cool and efficient!

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