quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

Argument about Sex

A Japanese couple are having an argument over ways of performing highly erotic sex:

Husband: "Sukitaki. mojitaka!"

Wife replies: "Kowanini! mowi janakpa!"

Husband says angrily: "Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo!"

Wife on her knees literally begging
"Mimi nakoundinda tinkouji!"
Husband replies angrily:
"Na miaou kina Tim kouji!"

I can't believe you just sat and tried to read this -- as if you understand Japanese!
You'll read anything as long as it is about sex.
You need serious help. Sometimes I worry about you.

Source/Fonte: Received by email
Image/Imagem: Google Images
Translation/Tradução: Heinz Claudius (when applicable)

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