terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

Exercises: Other? Others? ou Another?

Então pessoal....façam o exercício abaixo, é rápido...Vocês podem tanto imprimir ou copiar para um documento Word, até eu aprender como fazer aqui mesmo no blog...rsrsrs

Depois, vejam as respostas aqui.
Boa sorte!
  • They’ve lost the key to open the door, they’ll need __________ to get in.
  • Mike, Sully and Ted will attend the meeting with the __________ guy tomorrow.
  • I know that it’s your uncle, but who is the __________ man with him?
  • Whitney is hanging out with __________ guy, but she still loves her boyfriend…Strange!
  • Let’s stop playing! We’ve been playing for hours and I can’t get __________ minute!
  • The staff isn’t complete…we need __________ manager for the IT area.
  • I haven’t liked the Ford cars…Could you give me __________ option?
  • Some people like to eat meat and chicken and ___________ are vegetarian.
Ou, se sobrou alguma dúvida, entre em contato clicando aqui.

Abraxxx e até a próxima!

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